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A beautifull birthday ! thanks to all !

Thank you for all your great mails, thank you very much !

I must admit that to leave my position in France was not an easy decision in 2013.

Since this time, when I take a seat and check what happened since, I realised that it was the best action I made that year!

From continents to continents, from countries to countries, I was lucky enough to meet wonderful people, military and civilian as well.

Today, with a lot of happiness, I must admit that my success in manned aircraft and unmanned aircraft feed all my wishes.

To share my UAV passion with my friends, to have build this successful story with my company “centraledrone”, is just a gift, and I am thank full to all my friends who joined me during all this past years !

If you also want to be a part of this successful adventure, and if you do have around you good people who could be interested in a government or private contract for drones (Security and survey, sea rescue, agricultural, topography, oil and gas, forest, roads and rails, emergency situations, or any other …), I’ll be very happy to help you too satisfy them with our solutions!

Welcome in 2021 for new fantastic stories !!!!!!

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