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China: UAVs help to improve apple cultivation in Shaotong

Being the most suitable region for apple cultivation in southern China, Shaotong has a long history of growing apples. Recently, Eavision have deepened their cooperation with the Yongfeng Haisheng Apple Production Center in Shaotong.

Their UAVs are going to carry out plant protection operations in premium apple orchards.

This is an effort carried out by the two companies in jointly forging the “City of the Apple” and launching the “green food brand” of Zhaotong.

“The Yongfeng Haisheng Apple Production Center has 5,000 mu of orchards and plans to expand another 50,000 mu by the end of the year. The use of our UAVs will help them modernize the apple orchards,”Mr. Junpeng Liu, Manager of Eavision shared.

“The Eavision plant protection UAVs have many advantages in dealing with apple trees, citrus trees and other plants that are tall and have large canopies. As the UAVs are equipped with a room temperature mist nozzle, the pesticide is crushed into microdroplets of about 10 microns at room temperature. They have strong penetrating power, bringing groves good plant protection effects. In addition, as there are many electric pylons in Chinese farmland, our UAVs are equipped with autonomous driving modes to avoid obstacles automatically.”

Manager Liu reports that ... “The UAVs from Eavision can carry loads of 10 or 16 liters. When unfolded, they have an area of about 1.5-2 square meters. The minimum flight height is 0.7 meters above the crop, thus reducing the possibility of pesticide being blown away in the presence of wind."

“Using UAVs for pesticide spraying plant protection operations has many advantages, such as high efficiency, saving water and pesticide, no need for a human pilot, and overcoming inconveniences in the terrain.

In recent years, this technology has been developing very fast in China. The number of plant protection UAVs in China has grown from over 2,300 in 2015 to more than 13,000 by the end of 2017. Therefore, the market for UAV plant protection is very large and has a promising future.

Market prices of UAVs are now between 50,000 and 100,000 yuan depending on product performance,” Mr. Liu shared. "In addition to domestic customers, we have also seen demand from the South American market. The next step is to expand into the South American market."

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