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U.S. Asian Aeroservices Ltd... A balanced approach...

You know how dedicated I am regarding the UAV's world. One more time, I never hesitate to go through 20 hours of flight to meet some very good partners. Craig Colby, The managing Director and founder of this amazing company is a good friend of mine and an excellent designer and engineer.

U.S.ASIAN AEROSERVICES LTD. was founded on one simple principle; provide a Balanced Approach.

Their Yin and Yang logo symbolizes bringing the very best of East and West industry practices together to provide effective solutions, products and services that are tailored for their customer’s requirements.

The USAA team of seasoned professionals, having OEM pedigrees and years of experience in the U.S. and Asia, bring a savvy technique to finding the right fit that works for their clients while maintaining regulatory compliance in their area of operations.

They are convinced that their in depth understanding of the Asian aviation community brings a fresh, new way of doing business that raises the bar on customer support throughout the region. If you are looking for innovative, sustainable solutions from an organization to provide setup facilitation or ongoing support, USAA is the answer.

USAA is dedicated to providing premier customer support through their extensive networks, years of international experience and dedication to a standard of excellence that their customers have come to expect.

By promoting and fostering safe and efficient operations, USAA is determined to lead the way for aircraft support and facility development activities throughout Asia. They pledge that they will stand by their customers and commit their resources to providing the best service possible to the utmost of their ability.

USAA is gearing up for manufacture of UAV and UAS platforms. Their home base is in Thaïland.

They have a vast portfolio of high-end products stretches over several domains, as Aircraft Brokerage, Pre Buy Inspection, Maintenance Department Facilitation, Aircraft Ground Support Equipment, Medevac Cnversions, Maintenance, but since some years now, they also are well recognize for their UAV projects and lovely design.

They have a new facility with increased office space and a larger manufacturing floor.

They are already in development of their three systems.


ODIN is a MALE class system. Medium Altitude Long Endurance suited for commercial and government use.

Beyond line of sight range of 120 KM, to 200 KM depending on environment, combined with long endurance and a high resolution ISRT sensory package makes intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and tracking easier than ever. Fully automated flight operation with payload capability. Ideal for border patrol or offshore work.

VECTOR is a high speed low level target drone designed for maritime or open terrain target training exercises.

Adaptable and scalable performance profiles include swarm capability, pre-programmed flight profiles, formation flying and more.

HALCYON, HAL for short is a mid size long range observation system designed to provide a robust platform for repeated inspections in hostile environments.

A 6 sensor suite, customer mission defined, enables HAL to perform powerline, pipeline, agriculture or LIDAR missions reliably and economically

You can have a look on their brochure if you are interested on :

Their goal is to work directly with their clients customizing their turn-key platform to meet your specific needs.

If you require a system please contact me to see how they can meet your requirements.

We, in Centrale Drones would be delighted to hear from you and your feedback.

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.The picture is not representative of the actual design of any of the 3 projects of US Asian Aeroservices LTD.

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