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IMechE launches student Unmanned Aircraft Systems Challenge 2017

Some of the most talented young engineers from the UK and overseas will compete to design and build the best Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) as part of the annual competition run by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

The competition will see the young engineers develop their drones before taking on other teams, where they will be challenged to transport a package as accurately and rapidly as possible.

“For organisations, this continues to be a remarkable opportunity to join hands with the Institution to support and uphold the future of the aerospace industry,” said John Turton, chairman of the UAS Challenge. “The competition gives access to a pipeline of job-ready young engineers experienced in practical skills and enhanced people skills, delivers profiled and relevant brand exposure and facilitates being part of a growing network of industry leaders that promote innovation.”

This year the focus of the entire competition experience is based on wider industry exposure and interactions for all participants and sponsoring organisations. This includes opportunities to be mentored by industry personnel via a buddy programme, opportunities to interact with aerospace experts, gaining feedback from a team of experienced experts towards fine-tuning technical and soft skills.

Andrew Tyler, chief executive of Northrop Grumman Europe, 2017’s Gold Sponsor, added: “This competition provides an opportunity for students to broaden their understanding of UAS technologies which we hope will encourage them to pursue careers in aerospace engineering.”

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