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Solo’s Camera Potential: The Swiss Army Drone

A lot of folks ask if Solo can carry cameras other than a GoPro®. Short answer: Yes. In fact, Solo has truly amazing potential in this department that no other drone can touch. Here’s what you can expect.


First off, Solo is optimized for GoPro. We designed the Solo Gimbal with GoPro, and we’re lucky to have the strong relationship with them that we do. They gave us access to the GoPro Herobus, which means that Solo is not only the only drone that lets you change GoPro controls (right from our app, as you fly), but it’s the only product in the world that lets you do that.

Additionally, any camera that fits a GoPro hard mount and has a micro HDMI input is compatible with Solo for aerial photography or FPV flight.

Why GoPro? Check out this blog for more info on why we went with GoPro and how to get the most of it.


Unlike other drones, however, we haven’t locked you into one camera — or even one gimbal. This was a conscious decision: As drone owners and pilots, ourselves, a huge pain point has been the need to buy a whole new drone as camera technology changes. We decided not to make you do that.

We gave Solo an open gimbal bay. We knew that if we kept Solo completely open to new hardware as well as new software, then over time it could evolve into basically the next iteration of itself. This means that the Solo you buy today comes prepared to carry entirely new gimbals and cameras. You won’t have to buy a whole new drone to get new drone technology.


Because Solo’s gimbal bay is completely open, it’s not just 3DR who can develop on Solo. We can make new gimbals for new cameras, of course, but so can anyone else. This means Solo has the potential to become a kind of Swiss Army Drone for gimbals and cameras, and even new sensors outside the visible spectrum.

Again, only Solo offers you this opportunity to expand the power of your original purchase as technology improves.

So what cameras and sensors can you expect your Solo to host? While we’ve got to keep tight-lipped, I can say that you can expect innovations from us in 2016.

And the best news: Camera technology and drone technology are on converging courses. I’ve had people from popular high-end (unnamed, sorry) camera companies tell me that Solo-class consumer drones have created a whole new market for their sensors. To meet this demand, these companies are trying to strip away as much of the housing as possible to drop the weight of their cameras essentially to just the sensor.

This obviously augurs well for Solo’s future. If and when that camera technology is ready, your Solo will be ready.

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