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SAR, Search And Rescue

SAR, Search And Rescue



The 2001 Gujarat earthquake occurred on 26 January, India's 52nd Republic Day, at 08:46 AM IST and lasted for over 2 minutes. 


The earthquake killed between 13,805 and 20,023 people (including 18 in South eastern Pakistan), injured another 167,000 and destroyed nearly 400,000 homes.


Because of the State of Gujarat is subject to a lot of Earthquake, Centrale Drone SAR is going to train some pilots to be able to fly just after the earthquake.



- In the next month of July 2016, Centrale Drone SAR will be equipped with a FLIR thermic camera, and will be able to find people under one meter of wreckage. Our pilots will guide all the people on ground in a specific area to find people in less time than without any drone.

- After April 2016, our Pilot will be able to do a mapping of the situation in only few hours.

- During January 2016 to April 2016, Central Drone is going to train the future SAR team.

- After April 2016, we will be able to deliver up to 1 kg of medics and first necessity materials to some unaccessible areas by drones.










As soon as we will have enough Pilots, we will organise a rapid response roster with all the necessary equipment to work with the authorities.












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