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Agriculture & forestries

Each crop season is different to the previous one.

All players in the agriculture sector are looking for reliable solutions for efficiently observing and characterizing crops so that they can make the right decisions based on the actual situations of fields and crops.


We are convinced that prompt real-time delivery of reliable data on plant health status is essential for meeting these challenges.

We have already convinced key players from the agro and forestry industries and is working on major R&D projects such as ‘Precidrone’ with agricultural distributors, academic research institutes and technical institutes. Our CD00218 drone has already flown over forests, orchards, row crops and vegetables in many parts of the world.


The right decision requires the best processed data: we handle the full value chain, from drone acquisition with the most sophisticated sensors available to data analysis tailored to your needs – and our drones are capable of covering thousands of hectares in one flight.


We can deliver the following reports:

 - a comprehensive view of the field (with a clearer view from above than sideways from paths)

 - the elimination of human error common in traditional observation

 - the detection of anomalies in fields caused by incidents with equipment

 - the ability to detect what human eyes cannot see with near infra-red sensors (e.g the impact of stress on crops) which can then

   be confirmed by strolling through sample areas

 - precision targeting of fields according to the need

 - providing high-speed data for phenotyping or trials

 - providing specific information on plant gaps, emergence quality, plant population assessment, plant response to a treatment,

   by providing a report of different indices, selected from a wide range.

 - objectively characterising within field / plot behaviour variability

 - enabling you to make the right decisions for each field

 -  enabling you to spray only where needed

Agriculture & forestries

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