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Power & Utilities


Our Power & Utilities clients are safety-conscious, seeking efficiency and cost sensitive by deploying drones and analytics solutions to replace traditional costly practices, as walkers or helicopters.

We are convinced that each industries have their specific needs. Because we are working since 2013 with the world’s largest Power & Utilities companies, we are able to propose disruptive technologies to meet our clients’needs for this sector.

For vegetation management, infrastructure maintenance, assets management support or emergency damages survey, we are offering a complete range of dedicated products :

 - Reports field-expedient by maintenance operators

 - Scoreboard to manage your pruning operations and to control vegetation

 - Accurate infrastructure digitalization

 - Professional sensors integrated in our drones for high quality resolution

 - Maximised the time of inspection and data processing in comparison of traditional methods

 - Enhanced the efficiency of each inspection thanks to our long-range drones

 - Reduced setup costs with our dedicated technologies

 - Avoided threat of shutting down with live inspections

 - Prevented risks thanks to a pre-maintenance inspection and optimized resources allocations

 - Reduced the number of agents working at height

 - Minimised the exposure to live circuits

 - Minimised the number of on-site visits










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