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Railways & Roads


Railways and roads are vital transportation infrastructures. Any structural failures need to be avoided at all costs through early detection and preventive maintenance. And when they do occur, teams have to swing into action to get the traffic back to normal.


We provide highly integrated tools for 4D monitoring of transportation infrastructures covering a range of needs from functionality assessments to exhaustive data storage for future comparative analysis and predictions in a maintenance context.

When time is of the essence, emergency response tools enable corrective decisions to be made on the basis of reliable information rather than educated guesses.

Minimize human intervention for maintenance operations in remote locations.

Automatically detect and identify potential hazards from above, to stop them causing accidents.

Dedicated tools for construction and preventive or corrective maintenance


Full data storage for future comparison and analysis


Automatically detect specific anomalies: vegetation encroachment, problems with excavators, vehicles or human activities, in order to ovoid or mitigate production downtime.


Cover large areas or long linear flight paths in a short time with BVLOS UAVs


Enhanced investigation capabilities versus traditional methods (on-site human inspections).

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